An Act for Granting, for a Limited Time, a Liberty to Carry Rice from His Majesty's Provinces of South Carolina and Georgia, directly to any Part of America to the southward of the said Provinces

London: Mark Baskett and the Assigns of Robert Baskett, 1764. Title continued: "subject to the like Duty as is now paid on the Exportation of Rice from the said Colonies, to Places in Europe situate to the Southward of Cape Finisterre." [2], 411-418, [2] p.; 33 cm. (folio). Three stab-holes, but no other evidence that this was ever bound. Edges are untrimmed. Title page reads "Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . At the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster, the Nineteenth Day of May, Anno Dom. 1761. in the First Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third . . . And from thence continued by several Prorogations to the Fifteenth Day of November, 1763, being the Third Session of the Twelfth Parliament of Great Britain." The woodcut coat of arms of George III above the imprint. Woodcut historiated initial at the beginning of the act. This act permitted rice from the American colonies of South Carolina and Georgia to be exported to ports south of those colonies, in addition to England and Wales. In Fine Condition: clean and bright. Fine. Item #001986

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