Boy Scout Diary For All Boys 1937: Useful Information for Boys [journalist Richard B. Kirkpatrick]

New York: Boy Scouts of America, 1936. Paperback. 256 p.: illustrations; 13 cm. Paperback printed in red, white, and blue. Former owner's name written on back cover: Richard B. Kirkpatrick. Used fairly regularly to record his daily activities, this diary provides a look at the life of a 24-year-old reporter assigned to the City Hall beat by the Cincinnati Enquirer. In addition to references to work assignments and pay, he notes on Jan. 9 "Social Security in effect" and subsequently notes how much of each paycheck goes to Social Security. He also recorded flooding in Jan. and Feb.; the explosion of the Hindenburg; a trip to Mexico for most of the month of June; playing tennis with the husband of Dr. Esther Bogen Tietz; setting up an enlarger for his darkroom; and attending football games, concerts, and movies. Richard B. Kirkpatrick (1912-1987) later married Carolyn Ann Hawkins (1920-1960). Although on his birthday, Dec. 16 1937, he notes: "25 years old--and what! Still at City Hall" he later represented the newspaper in Columbus, Ohio, and after that became Washington Bureau Chief for the Cincinnati Enquirer. In Very Good+ Condition: clean and tight; entries in ink on more than half the dates. Very Good +. Item #004764

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